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Webform.com Release 1.16

We're happy to announce today we released version 1.16 of Webform.com. Mandrill LogoRecently we've been getting an increased amount of outgoing mail marked as spam in people's inboxes. This mostly affected Gmail users, after increased strictness checking began at Google about a month ago. To solve this problem, we've integrated with Mandrill, a mail delivery service run by the same folks who created MailChimp. This means that all e-mails sent by all our forms should see drastically improved delivery into inboxes.

Some other changes in this release:

  • Fixed an issue where users who had switched or deleted sites could not save their user profile.
  • Added the ability to redeem coupons. Although we do not yet have any coupons for distribution at this time, keep an eye out on our twitter feed. ;)
  • Spam and phishing protection is now even greater. We've moved to a guilty-until-proven-innocent approach for forms that appear as though they may be phishing. Our algorithms for spam detection have been very accurate in the past but previously required manual intervention to block dangerous forms and accounts. Now we block them immediately upon detection and review them manually to re-enable access.

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