The Idea

Webform.com is a form and survey service built on the open-source software Drupal and Webform. Drupal has existed since 2001 and the Webform module for it has existed since 2004. During this time, the functionality of Webform has been exclusive to those able to set up a website, or able to pay someone to do it for them. Webform.com is intended to expand the audience that can build simple forms and surveys without needing to set up their own web site. It also demonstrates the full abilities of the Webform module for sites that are evaluating using Webform for their own site.

Because the software packages used to build Webform.com are free and open-source, you can easily replicate the functionality of Webform.com on your own servers.

The Cost (hint: it's free!)

Webform.com was built to be a free service. Because it’s powered by an open-source community, it doesn't need to employ a large army of developers. However, there are some limitations to what we can provide on our current infrastructure; so free accounts are limited, but at generous levels. For higher levels of service, we offer paid plans that feed funding directly back into the open-source project.

The Team

Webform.com is currently owned and operated by Nate Haug, the maintainer of the Webform module and a frequent core-contributor to the Drupal project., and Lullabot, one of the world’s leading Drupal web strategy, development, and training companies.