Make surveys crazy-fast with the Webform builder. Multiple pages, advanced widgets, uploads, and more!

Drag and Drop Builder

Build your forms quickly just by dropping fields into your form.

Multiple Pages

Breaking your form into multiple pages can make it easier for you to categorize questions, and it also makes the form look less overwhelming to respondents.

Plenty of Fields

Webform includes all the fields you'll need to build effective surveys.


With Webform.com, it's easy for people to respond to your survey. Distribute your survey via e-mail, Twitter, or Facebook.

Mobile Friendly

Effortless forms that look great on every platform.

HTML and Attachments in E-mails

Rich-text e-mails that can present a consistent interface and even include attachments right to your inbox.

Multiple E-mails

Send e-mails to both the recipient and the administrator who created the form. In fact you can set up as many e-mails to be sent per submission as you like!


Survey says! Get at-a-glance information about how many submissions you've received and what people are saying.

Customizeable Charts

Chart any multiple-choice question the way you want.


Each site's Dashboard gives administrators a quick look at recent forms and new submissions.

Computed Totals and Average

Each individual field automatically generates averages, totals, blanks/empties, and more.


It's your data after all. Export to CSV or Excel, or even get the entire SQL file to host yourself.

Export to Excel and CSV

Need more statistical analysis? You can easily export any individual forms result into multiple formats.

Export to Drupal

Webform.com is built on open-source software: export and host on your own!