Low-cost Surveys - Pricing and Plans

What happens if I go over my monthly submission limit?

You'll never lose a submission on Webform.com. We never lock you out of your own data, regardless of if your account downgrades or expires.

On paid plans, if you go over your monthly submission limit we will save the submission with a fee of $0.02. Extra submission costs are added to your invoice at the end of the month. Submissions only count towards your monthly total if it is not deleted within 24 hours.

On free plans, if you receive more than 100 submissions, new submissions will only be sent out via e-mail only, and they won't be stored on our servers.

Why upgrade to a paid plan?

  • Store more submissions per month.
  • No branding on e-mail footers or confirmation pages.
  • Collaborate with multiple users on the same account.
  • Prompt e-mail support and help.
  • No contract. No cancelation fee. No lock-in.

Features Included on ALL Plans

  • The easiest form builder application around.
  • Branching and conditional logic.
  • Secure SSL forms.
  • Spreadsheet exports and analytics.
  • Upgrade and downgrade between plans at any time.
  • Permanent access to ALL your stored results, forever.