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Winding Down Webform.com

Published Feburary 2022. Updated November 22, 2022.

After 10 years, Webform.com is being discontinued as a hosted service.

Webform.com was founded with the intention that it could help fund the open-source version of the Drupal module. While the site did see some periods of substantial revenue, it has never generated enough income to actually pay for the develoment time of the service itself, let alone have profit enough to spend on maintaining the open-source module. After years of minimal maintenance, it's time to conceed that the service is not sustainable.

We will be winding down the service in a series of phases, to allow for existing users to migrate to other platforms or at the very least export their data and survey results.

Shutdown Timeline

  • Effective immediately: No new sign-ups are allowed. Completed.
  • All existing paid accounts will cease being charged, but will remain at the current tier of service. Completed.
  • July 2022: All forms will begin showing a message that this service is closing. Completed.
  • September 2022: Forms will cease accepting new submissions. Moved to January 2023.
  • January 2023: Account logins will be disabled. Moved to March 2023.

How Do I Export My Data?

Data can be export from individual forms to CSV/Excel/Google Sheets by visiting the form, going to the "Results" tab and then "Download". If you have a small number of forms, this is a quick way to safely get out all your submitted data, including any uploaded files.

If you need to comprehensively export everything, all data from all forms can be export as a SQL dump and files through the full site export tool. Note that this export can only be imported into a Drupal 7 site, not a Drupal 8 or 9 site. Sites wishing to upgrade to Backdrop CMS can import their surveys into Drupal 7, then upgrade their site from there to Backdrop CMS and the Webform for Backdrop module.

Additional Help

If you need help exporting your site or have questions about your service, please contact us at support@webform.com.