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Webform.com Release 1.10 - Site renaming

Ho there Webformers, it's been a while since our last update, but don't worry we have a lot of great features in the pipe. Today we released a minor update that adds the ability to rename an entire site domain. If you previously ran "rabbits.webform.com", but wanted to change your site name to something with broader appeal, you can now rename your site to "bunnies.webform.com".

To do this, visit your existing site, and click the "Settings" link in the header. The page is just like before, only a new link for "Click here to change your site URL." has been added.

Note that renaming your site URL will cause any links you've made to your site elsewhere on the internet need updating. Any embedded forms you have on other sites will also need to be updated. It's not a common need, but if you encounter it, renaming an account is now an option.

This also sets us up for entirely custom domains (say surveys4bunnies.com) in the future, but we're still working out the details of that option.