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Introducing Paid Plans

Today we're happy to announce that we've introduced 4 tiers of paid service. Up until today, our users had been limited at 1,000 submissions per form, now with the higher tier plans available, anyone can sign up for one of the paid plans to accept up to 100,000 submissions per month!

These new plans have changed the basic structure of our accounting. Previously you could receive 1,000 submissions per form. Submission limits are now per month. So if you use a webform for the contact form on your site, you can receive a regular stream of submissions and Webform.com will store all the submissions. All forms are now allowed to receive unlimited submissions (as long as they're spread out). We think that this new approach reflects both how users interact with forms and the resources it takes us to host the forms.

Another change is that all plans (even free) now have unlimited forms! This way you can keep all your older forms, or you can use the same account for more of your surveys, keeping all the data in one centralized location.

To learn more about our plans, visit the pricing page.