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New Conditional System up on Webform.com

We're happy to announce that the new conditional system is now live on Webform.com! Not only that, but we've branched the entire Webform project for a new 4.x release (the previous version was 3.18). Since Webform.com is always running the latest version of the Webform project, we're immediately seeing the benifits of the latest improvements.

So, what can you do with the new conditional system? Build better and more targeted forms!

  • Show and hide fields based on the value of previous fields.
  • Build conditionals that use multiple source fields (If Field A is "x" and Field B is "y", show Field C).
  • The new conditional system works with both same-page fields and across multiple pages.
  • Skip groups of fields grouped by fieldsets or even entire pages!

As an added bonus, all the conditional functionality of Webform.com is being offered for free with on all new and existing beta accounts. Within the limits of the system, you can add as many conditional actions on your form as you can fields.

  1. To add conditionals to your form, just click the "Conditionals" tab under Edit.
  2. Use the -/+ buttons to add multiple conditions to your form
  3. Select the field you wish to hide (or show) based on the condition.
  4. And don't forget to save your changes. :)

If you'd like to try out the conditional system, just head on over to the Demo Page, or Sign Up for an account if you haven't already.