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Design on Webform.com

Greetings Webformers! Now that we're more than a month after the launch of Webform.com, we'd like to answer a few questions that don't fit into our FAQ. The number one question we've been getting on the site doesn't actually have anything to do with the functionality on the site, but rather who was responsible in the stylin' design we're rocking.

Those of you familiar with the design-world of Drupal are probably familiar with Aten Design Group, the folks who are behind such fun designs as several years of DrupalCamp Colorado and the most recent DrupalCon. We worked closely with Aten's Ken Woodworth to make a balanced design somewhere between professional and fun. We all think the result was fantastic.

More recently, our partners at Lullabot have taken the lead on pushing our design deeper into the interface of Webform.com. Lullabot's newest team member Tim Smith is taking the reigns, assisted by the guiding hand of Jared Ponchot. You can see Tim's work on our new login and registration pages, as well as a page you hopefully won't ever have to see.

We're working on extending the design into all corners of the site. Expect to see more polishing in the weeks to come!