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Webform.com Release 1.9

In an effort to increase transparency with our users, we're now publishing release notes to accompany each of our major releases. We make updates to the site on a continuous basis, but in a group these are considered to be a release. We've had a lot of changes since our last update, so this first collection has quite a list:

  • Embed Codes: Webform.com now includes the ability to embed forms within other pages and sites! Our JavaScript-based snippet allows any form to be embedded on another site. It will automatically resize to fit the form, and even works with advanced features like multiple-pages and conditional fields!
  • Social Integrations: On the "Share" tab of each form, you may notice that those buttons for Facebook, Twitter, and G+ have been consolidated into a single row of options. You can now also include these buttons as part of your form or even on the confirmation page! As documented on the "Share" tab, you can do this in any "Markup" field or on the confirmation page by using tokens such as <code>[share:twitter][share:facebook][share:gplus]</code>. You can also use the "large" versions of these buttons by adding :large to the token like this: <code>[share:twitter:large]</code>.
  • Fieldset fixes: We've had a lot of reports of users having trouble with fieldsets. In particular, adding a new fieldset and then adding fields to the fieldset could cause the fields inside it to suddenly disappear or the upon save the fields would pop back out into the root level. We're happy to report that these problems have been fixed.
  • Date ranges: All date fields now have the ability to specify a start and end date validation option.
  • Private field fixes: Private fields (accessible only to administrators) previously were not enabled when creating a new form. Now the option can be enabled on new forms in addition to existing forms.

Thanks to all our users who reported issues! If you find any problems, please be sure to reach out and contact us.